Seljagarður Urban Farm

Seljagarður is an urban farm that has been functioning for 5 years, where before there was a now defunct school garden project run by Reykjavík city in Iceland. The purpose of Seljagarður is to build community and facilities for growing vegetable. Instead of each member simply minding their own plot we are sharing the joys and discoveries of gardening, helping out new members, using methods of permaculture, having the tools, protecting and fertilizing the soil, sowing and harvesting at the right time. We have a polytunnel built together in our first year, a social grilling area which we have been shaping and fixing together as needed. The community of member is active participating in plans and parties. Since last year we have a very active board committee, which have organized a community supported agriculture program called ‘The land of heart*’, making a new growing area which allows more people be able to grow food together and take active part in creating a resilient food system in the most ethnically diverse neighborhood of the city.

Grill og gleði í Seljagarði.jpg

Seljagarður is in the midst of our neighborhood, 3 minute walk away from the main retail area. We are a place for education, discovery, recreation for every guest or a person passing through our urban farm. For the members, families and friends we are a place of direct contact with the ecosystem, for natural play, a gathering place of local community, a way to take part in active learning, a real viable and resilient solution to environmental concerns and way to move forward in to a happier, more aware and a stronger community.


Gróðurhúsið okkar og allskyns ræktun.jpg

Please go to our website and fill in application to sign up as a member and please email us or call if you have any questions!

Sigurður Unuson


*The land of heart = Hjartastaðir

(Svar Seljagarðs við könnun dagblaðsins Guardian)

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